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Crossbody bags for women a must have in your closet

If there is one element that serves to complement any type of attire and that allows one to feel comfortable, attractive and fashionable, it is the crossbody bags for women which can be found in new and varied trends according to the taste of those who wish to wear one of them. Whether it is a luxury model to wear at special events or a more informal one to take with you at any time, these accessories are undoubtedly a must in the female wardrobe.

Of course, the materials can be varied in their manufacture, however, leather possesses the versatility, durability and elegance that other components lack. Thus, renowned brands such as those mentioned below will rarely fail to include the crossbody bags in their collections:

  • Coach, 
  • Dolce&Gabbana, 
  • Emporio Armani,
  • Furla, 
  • LauraBiagiotti 
  • Michael Kors 
  • Valentino 
  • Versace Jeans 
  • Louis Vuitton

It is also true that there are many more fashion companies that are dedicated to the design and manufacture of these pieces that are very important in any woman’s wardrobe. Even from a very young age, women think of accompanying their clothes with a crossbody bags. Without a doubt an important element for fashion and dressing.

History of the crossbody bags

Now, when did you start using this functional, comfortable and yet so attractive accessory? The history goes back to the first civilizations when the man who worked the land used it as a working tool to carry his tools.

Its first appearance was in the Egyptian civilization where it left a mark in the hieroglyphics that men used it to transport seeds or to carry the prey that was captured. Then appear the small leather bags in which they were closed with a cord and adjusted to the waist. They were used by both men and women. For them, they were simple bags, while the ladies carried theirs, which were much more elaborate, with decorations and embroidery.

In the Elizabethan era, the bags were hidden in the folds of large skirts, which led to the creation of pockets, since they were sewn. It was a great success for storing personal things and was also used in the same way by men and women. People of higher social status carried cross-bags that they could carry themselves or their employees. This is the beginning of what we know today as crossbody bags.

Today, it is normal that people, especially ladies, are seen in the street with these bags that every day have more and more peculiar details that make them original in their design and daring in the way they are used.

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