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Train ticket to Brussels – The best venue in the European Union

In a tour around the continent it is worth to know the European Union main administrative headquarters located in Brussels. It is Belgium biggest city and the kingdom capital which is officially bilingual (French and Dutch). It houses the Laeken Castle, the king Felipe and the real family’s residence.

Getting a train ticket to Brussels you will discover as Paris, which has its famous Eiffel Tower, a symbol created for a World”s Fair in 1889; the city of our current interest has Atomium. It is a full iron structure, an ultimate vanguard icon, constructed in 1958 for the same reason. It shows a unit cell of this metal crystal. Its height is more than 100 meters and from its most elevated sphere you can enjoy a fantastic view of the metropolis and its surroundings.

The Grand Place of Brussels is the city most emblematic spot and it is considered the most beautiful square around the planet. You can contract a guide and hear everything about its history and the nearby buildings’ including its designation as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Manneken Pis, located just in the historic center, is the nice statue made of bronze of a urinating boy. It is another important symbol of the metropolis for many of its inhabitants. A small character closely linked to the history of the Belgium capital. It was sculpted in the beginning of the seventieth century by Duquesnoy.

Brussels is also the comic strip capital called the ninth art and source of everybody’s countless funny moments; therefore do not miss the opportunity to visit the Comics Art Museum where the adventurous Tintin, the tiny blue Smurfs and many others are part of this amazing universe. The exposition is permanent but frequently renewed, there are varieties of programs and temporary displays that conduct people to discover the incalculable aspects of this amusement.

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