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Dr. Diego Dougherty leaves his mark on sports surgery

Sports surgery is extremely important nowadays especially because athletes successfully gain back their body mobility after suffering and injury while playing professionally.

Dr. Diego Dougherty is one of the most renowned sports surgery experts in his native Guatemala. He was born and became a surgeon there, and years later he subspecialized in this medical field with complete professionalism.

Dr. Diego Dougherty studied a subspecialty in arthroscopy and sports surgery at the University of Cleveland in the United States and his knowledge quickly turned him into a true eminence on the matter.

Dr. Diego Dougherty: an amazing sports surgeon

During a sports surgery there are various interventions done on the body with the goal of repairing damage or injury in one of the extremities. This way, patients can go out about their daily life normally, and successfully continue their sports practices.

This is precisely what el Dr. Diego Dougherty offers his patients, the reason why they are so eternally grateful. In short, thanks to hos knowledge and experience, the athletes that go to him to treat their injuries recover successfully.

Dr. Diego Dougherty y and his vocation for service

Dr. Diego Dougherty great vocation for service has allowed hi to win a special place in the hearts and lives of each and every one of his patients.

They are very thankful for the help Dr. Diego Dougherty has given them. Because of his work they are able to return to practicing their sports without pain or complications.

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