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Diego Dougherty: acclaimed sports surgeon

Diego Dougherty is a sports surgeon from Guatemala that has triumphed during his professional career thanks to his solid values like ethics, discipline, hospitality and vocation to service.

Diego Dougherty has human warmth and that’s something he makes sure to transmit to his patients during their visits. In fact, they consider him one of the best sports surgeons in the country.

After graduating with an MD from Francisco Marroquin University (UFM), Diego Dougherty specialized in arthroscopy and sports surgery at the University of Cleveland, in the United States.

In essence, sports surgery is the intervention to treat or repair lesions in a specific area. To do so, specialists such as Diego Dougherty perform rigorous medical procedures to achieve the best results.

Diego Dougherty: renowned sports surgeon

Diego Dougherty has practiced sports medicine with professionalisms, and all his patients agree that he is the best in the field.

This is because he takes care of them and identifies his injuries with precision and is able to give the best treatment.

To Diego Dougherty, his patients are the most important things and he does not stop until he does everything he can to help them recover completely from any injury they sustained playing sports.

In fact, those who undergo sports surgery with Diego Dougherty recover with amazing speed, and when they least expect it they’re able to perform regular sporting activities with no problem or pain.

Diego Dougherty: renowned sports surgeon

Diego Dougherty doesn’t stop when he performes successful surgeries, he is concerned about examining them postop to make sure everything is evolving correctly.

This type of behaviors has won over his patients that go to his practice to feel healthy after a sports injury.

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